Paddock &
manege Services

With a wealth of experience, Sherriff are a local equestrian manege and paddock construction and renovation contractor you can rely on.

Our Equestrian Services

  • Sand manege Construction
  • Shredded Rubber Arena Construction
  • Multi-Purpose Arena Construction
  • Horse Gallops Construction
  • Turn Out Pen Construction

Our highly experienced team’s knowledge of equestrian installations, coupled with our background in sports pitch construction, enables us to offer a wide range of services to the equestrian sector.

Our skilled team have experience working with a range of equestrian clients including:

  • Private Estates
  • Equestrian Schools and Centres
  • Equestrian Charities

We understand that time is frequently an important factor for equestrian installation and renovation services. We work closely with our clients to deliver the project to ensure we are both on time and meeting any budget constraints.

Initial Consultation

Following our initial site visit to assess the current conditions, we review grounds to determine if there are any mitigating factors to consider, including:

  • Local land topography
  • Stability of the ground
  • Water retention
  • Security

As part of the review to combat these issues, we can carry out a land survey to determine the levels across the proposed area. This also enables us to design an appropriate drainage strategy in line with existing falls of the surrounding land.


Trusted and experienced groundworks contractors for hard and soft works.


Trusted and experienced groundworks contractors for hard and soft works.

Equestrian Services
Sand manege Construction
Rubber manege Contractor

Equestrian Services

Our equestrian and paddock services include a range of techniques to ensure our customers have the highest quality result. These include:

Sand manege Construction

We only use equestrian-grade sand to produce a firm and stable manege surface to help create the ideal riding conditions.

Shredded Rubber Arena & manege Construction

Equestrian rubber surface material works as an insulator to help safeguard the manege riding surface against frost in the winter months. It also retains essential moisture during dry conditions. In addition, this surface helps to absorb shock-impact delivering a responsive and softer ride.

Multi-Purpose Arena Construction

Multi-purpose equestrian arena surfaces are installed to allow for various disciplines and must deliver a riding surface that is robust, hardwearing and flexible.

Horse Gallop Track Construction

The durable but cushioning surface we can install for your horse gallop tracks will ensure you can maintain your gallop work without the need to stop and turnaround.

Turn Out Pens

We can create permanent turn out pens to meet your specific requirements. Our pens can be made in any size or shape using timber perimeter fencing. The surfacing can be left natural, or a more suitable, longer-lasting material can be installed.

Recognised and trusted contractors for sports and amenity services

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Case Study

Wing Recreational Football Pitch Installation

Sports Field Construction

The football pitch playing surface was professionally installed to Football Association minimum requirements with goal posts that are inter-changeable, this allows for the football pitch to be moved around the area to reduce the amount of wear at Wing’s Recreation Ground.

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